Since 1964: Japanese Restaurant

The first Japanese restaurant in Scandinavia.
Proudly serving authentic Japanese dishes.
Try the すき焼き Sukiyaki menu, a hotpot with beef and vegetables cooked in Warisita a seasoned sweet soy sauce. Prepared at the table.
As menu 320,-
天麩羅 Tempura is a traditional Japanese dish. Shrimps and selected vegetables, crispy deep fried with wheat flour.
Served with Tentsyu sauce
As menu 275,-

If you would like to try both sukiyaki and tempura, we also have set menu 

東京スペシャル メニュー Tokyo special menu

the menu includes 

Appetizers, Sashimi, Yakitori, Tempura, Miso soup, Sukiyaki and dessert with green tea




Tokyo restaurant is located above 7 eleven at Vesterbrogade 77 and the entrance is just beside.