A dinner menu comprises a cold starter and side dish, miso soup and Japanese pickles, followed by the main course with a bowl of steamed rice. Finally a small dessert is served with Japanese tea.
  • Sukiyaki Dinner

    A hot pot dish served with thin slices of beef and vegetables that are cooked in a hot pot at the table. It is served in ”Warishita” (a seasoned soya sauce) with a beaten raw egg for dipping. When ordering, please let the waiter know if you do not wish to have the raw egg. 270,-
  • Tempura Dinner

    A selection of deep fried light battered vegetables and prawns served with tempura sauce, grated ginger and Chinese radish. 230,-
  • Tonkatsu Dinner

    Crispy fried breaded pork cutlet served on a bed of lettuce with a little mustard and special tonkatsu sauce. 230,-




  • Sashimi Dinner

    A selection of thin slices of various raw fish served with soya sauce and wasabi. 235,-
  • Shabu Shabu Dinner

    A traditional dish of thinly sliced beef and vegetables cooked in a hot pot placed on the table. It is served with a goma (sesame) sauce and ponzu (a citrus-based soya sauce). 295,-
  • Tokyo Special Dinner

    This set menu comprises of 3-4 hors d’oeuvres followed by sashimi, yakitori, tempura, miso soup with Japanese pickles, and Sukiyaki with rice for the main course. 370,-